Privacy policy of the Online Store

I. Definitions

All capitalised terms have the definitions provided in the Terms and Conditions of the Online Store to which this document constitutes an attachment.

II. General information

1. Itencio sp. z o.o. Spółka Komandytowa (hereinafter: Itencio sp. z o.o. Sp. K.) is a personal data controller within the meaning of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (for simplicity, hereinafter referred to as the “general data protection regulation”) in regard to the personal data of Users that are natural persons.
2. Personal data is any and all information that may identify a natural person, for example, the person’s first and last name, telephone number, e-mail address, and address to which the purchase is to be delivered. Whenever this document refers to the term “to process” or “processing”, it refers to any and all activities and operations performed regarding the personal data (ex. maintaining the data or analysing it for the purpose of providing services).
3. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to specify the activities that are performed by Itencio sp. z o.o. Sp. K. in regard to the protection of processed personal data, including data collected using the Online Stores and the tools that are used by Clients to perform such activities as Registration, viewing Offers, and performing a range of other activities related to the above in relation to the use of the offer of the Store by Clients. Any and all activities of Itencio sp. z o.o. Sp. K. are subject to the provisions of the law which apply in regard to the protection of personal data, such as the general data protection regulation.
4. The privacy policy applies to the processing of personal data by the Seller – Itencio sp. z o.o. Sp. K. and the use of cookies as part of the Online Store.
5. The Online Store performs the function of obtaining and maintaining information regarding Clients in the following manner:
a. through information that is voluntarily provided in forms.
b. by saving cookies in terminal devices.
c. through the collection of server logs by the Online Store’s hosting operator (necessary for the proper operation of the website).

III. Information in forms

1. Itencio sp. z o.o. Sp. K. collects information that is voluntarily provided by the Client.
2. Itencio sp. z o.o. Sp. K. may automatically save information regarding the parameters of the connection (time, IP address).
3. Data from forms is not provided to third parties without the Client’s consent, unless this arises out of the provisions of the law.
4. Data provided in forms is processed for the purpose arising out of the function of the given form, ex. for the purpose of Registration (creating an account) or Ordering (payment, shipping, complaints).

IV. Information regarding cookies

1. The Online Store uses cookies.
2. Cookies constitute IT information, in particular, text files that are stored on the terminal device of the Client and are designated for use by the Online Store. Cookies usually contain the name of the website from which they originate, how long they are stored on the terminal device, and a unique number.
3. The entity that stores and accesses cookies on the Client’s terminal device is the operator of the Online Store - Itencio sp. z o.o. Sp. K.
4. Cookies are used for the following purposes:
a. creating statistics that help understand how websites are used by the Online Store’s Clients which helps improve their structure and content;
b. maintaining the Client’s session (after logging in) thanks to which the Client does not have to re-enter the Client’s login and password on each webpage of the Online Store;
c. determine the Client’s profile for the purpose of displaying tailored materials in advertising networks, in particular, in Google.
5. Two basic types of cookies are used as part of the Online Store:
“session cookies” and “persistent cookies”. “Session cookies” are temporary files that are stored on the Client’s terminal device until the Client logs out, leaves the website, or closes the Client’s software (web browser).
“Persistent cookies” are stored on the Client’s terminal device for the period of time specified in the cookie parameters or until deleted by the Client.
6. The default settings of software used to access the internet (web browsers) usually permit the storage of cookies on the Client’s terminal device. Clients may change the settings in this regard.
7. Web browsers allow for cookies to be deleted. Cookies can also be blocked automatically. Specific information in this regard can be found in the web browser’s help or documentation.
8. Limitations regarding the use of cookies may affect certain functions that are available on the Online Store’s website.
9. Cookies that are stored on the Client’s terminal device may also be used by advertisers and partners that cooperate with the online store.
10. Cookies may be used by advertising networks, in particular, by Google, to display advertisements that are tailored to the manner in which the Client uses the Online Store. For this purpose, they may store information regarding the Client’s navigation path or time spent on the given webpage.
11. The Client may refuse to provide consent for the processing of cookies by not accepting the consent for their processing that is displayed on the website (this may prevent the Store from operating correctly).
12. In regard to information regarding the Client’s preferences that are collected by Google’s advertising network, the Client may review and edit information arising out of cookies using the following tool:

V. Server logs

1. Information regarding certain behaviours of the Client are logged in the server level.
2. This data is only used for the purpose of administering the Online Store and for the purpose of ensuring that services are provided in the most efficient possible manner.
3. The viewed content is identified by URL addresses. In addition, the following may be recorded:
a. the time at which an order or question was sent,
b. the time at which a reply was sent,
c. the name of the Client’s station – identification using the HTTP protocol,
d. information regarding the errors that occurred during the performance of an HTTP transaction,
e. the URL address of the site that was previously visited by the Client (referrer link) – in the case where the Online Store’s website was accessed using a link,
f. the Client’s browser information,
g. IP address information.
4. The above data is not linked to specific site visitors – within the meaning of the provisions of the law, the data is anonymous.
5. The above data is only used for server administration purposes.

VI. Release of data

1. Data may only be released to outside entities within legally permitted limits.
2. The Seller may be obligated to release the information collected by the Online Store to the relevant authorities on the basis of lawful demands in the scope arising out of the demand.
3. The Seller may provide the personal data of the Clients to an entity that assumes the rights and obligations of the Seller as part of the Online Store. In such a case, the Clients will be informed of the new controller of their personal data in accordance with the current provisions of the law.
4. Data recipients may be entities that provide IT services to the data controller.

VII. Personal data security

1. The Online Store cares for the security of the personal data of its Clients, therefore, wherever providing personal data is required, the connection between the Client and the server is encrypted. Thanks to this, Clients do not have to worry that the data that is sent to or from the server will be seen, intercepted, and used by someone else.
2. Personal data is provided deliberately and voluntarily and will only be processed for the purposes specified in this document and in the Terms and Conditions.
3. Without explicit consent, personal data will not be provided to other data recipients, aside from the subcontractors of our services, including IT subcontractors, ex. for system maintenance purposes.

VIII. Modification, correction, removal, and processing of personal data.

1. In accordance with the general data protection regulation, Itencio sp. z o.o. Sp. K. allows Clients to freely access personal data, as well as to change, correct, and remove it.
2. Personal data can be accessed, changed, and corrected at any time using the Client’s Account after registering and logging in or by contacting the Seller directly (by e-mail, telephone).
3. In the Client’s account, after registering and logging in, it is possible to withdraw each and every consent that was provided (ex. marketing, newsletter) regarding the processing of personal data, not including cookies.
4. uses the automated processing of personal data in the form of profiling for the purpose of tailoring the offer the Client’s personal preferences.
5. The Client has the right to submit a complaint to the supervisory authority – the Personal Data Protection Office.
6. Information regarding how to withdraw consent for the processing of cookies is provided in paragraph IX below.
7. Consents for the processing of personal data, as a rule, contain information as to how long they remain in effect, in the case where such a period is not specified, they remain in effect until the withdrawal of the consent, and after such a withdrawal, until the lapse of the claims to which the data controller is entitled and in regard to it, unless the processing takes place on the basis of other provisions of the law than the consent that was provided (ex. Sales agreement).

IX. Cookie management

1. If a Client does not wish to use cookies, the Client may change the Client’s browser settings. It should be noted that turning off cookies which are necessary for authentication, security, and maintaining the Client’s preferences may hinder, and in some cases, prevent the use of the Online Store.
2. For the purpose of managing cookies settings, choose your web browser / system from the list below and follow the instructions:
a. Internet Explorer
b. Chrome
c. Safari
d. Firefox
e. Android
f. Opera
g. Windows Phone
h. Blackberry

X. Amendment

If necessary, Itencio sp. z o. o. Sp. K. may amend the provisions of this Privacy Policy. In such a case, chapter XX. item 2 of the Terms and Conditions applies as appropriate.